Hydrogen Fuel Cells
and Electro-mobility
in European Regions

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The priorities of the Luxembourg Presidency for the second semester of 2015 are based on seven pillars: Stimulating investment to boost growth and employment Deepening the European Union’s social dimension Managing migration, combining freedom, justice and security Revitalising the single market by focusing on its digital dimension Placing European competitiveness in a global and transparent framework Promoting sustainable development Strengthening the European Union’s presence on the global stage Promoting sustainable development The Luxembourg Presidency will make every effort to accelerate the transition towards a green economy with low greenhouse gas emissions. The Presidency will also encourage the emergence of an innovative, circular and competitive economy which is energy-efficient and respectful of biodiversity and natural resources, minimises waste and encourages cost-effective recycling, in particular by handling ongoing legislative matters, such as those relating to air quality and reducing CO2 emissions. One of the cornerstones of the Strategy on climate change will be the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). The Luxembourg Presidency will begin working on the proposal to reform the ETS after an agreement has been reached on the market stability reserve (MSR) mechanism. The EU Biodiversity Strategy will undergo a mid-term review during the second semester of 2015. The Luxembourg Presidency will examine the results in detail and propose the adoption of conclusions by the Council in that regard. The Luxembourg Presidency will continue working on the revision of the Europe 2020 strategy by ‘greening’ the European Semester to integrate better environmental viability into the wider cycle of economic governance. Read the programme and priorities ..more »