Hydrogen Fuel Cells
and Electro-mobility
in European Regions

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To ensure that your region and city contribute to our data collection, contact us at +32 (02) 223 2811 or email us at secretariat@hyer.eu ..more »
EU presidency: HyER speaks Latvian! »
Latvia kicked off his presidency on January 1, 2015 with four key areas of action: Juncker Investment Plan – aimed at unlocking public and private investments in the real economy; Member States are currently preparing final input. Strengthening the Single Market – make progress on remaining Single Market Act II proposals, launch discussions on the expected Internal Market Strategy for goods and services; Enhancing the competitiveness of industry and related service sectors - better regulation will be a guiding principle; Establishing an Energy Union - energy policy built on solidarity, trust and security, focus on infrastructure, better governance, energy security and energy diplomacy: the Energy Union Communication published on February 25 will be discussed in Council on March 5. Together with HyER member the City of Riga we hope to update you on relevant hydrogen fuel cells and electromobility topics until June 30. An important event for example will be the TEN T Days on June 22-25 in Riga where hydrogen refuelling and electric charging corridors will be presented. Latvia is taking part in the second hydrogen refuelling station corridor project H2Corridors that followed the Hydrogen Infrastructure for Transport HIT project. ..more »