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Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP)

Published on: February 23, 2010

In 2006 the Scandinavian countries joined forces in the Scandinavian Hydrogen Highway Partnership (SHHP) with the ambition of becoming one among the first regions in Europe where hydrogen is available and used in a network of refueling stations. The SHHP collaboration consists of regional clusters involving major and small industries, research institutions and local/regional authorities.  The SHHP coordinators are national networking bodies in Norway (HyNor), Sweden (Hydrogen Sweden) and Denmark (Hydrogen Link). SHHP also collaborates with partners in Iceland, Finland and Canada (BC Highway).

 Status in January 2010 is 26 hydrogen vehicles and 7 stations in operation with 3 stations under construction and plans for additional 7 stations. Projects are ongoing to increase the number of vehicles, thus supporting the many stations in operation. Municipalities and regions are in the process of being aligned towards joint procurement of vehicles from 2011 and beyond. 

 The stations so far have focused on testing of various hydrogen production and supply concepts as well as supporting a local hydrogen vehicle fleet. With this approach several concepts for hydrogen supply have gone, or are going through, evaluation paving way for further efforts on commercialising the technologies suitable for the future.

 Next phase of the SHHP will focus on further clustering of hydrogen stations within the metropolitan regions Oslo and Malmö/Copenhagen as well as stations in the corridor regions. Also emphasis will be put on ensuring that all new stations will comply fully with the new SAE J2601 standard. Efforts are also ongoing to enable upgrade of existing operable stations to comply with SAE and enable 70MPa refueling. At present there are 3 new hydrogen stations under construction, with planned opening in 2011, which will all enable 70MPa refueling according to SAE.

 In Norway and Denmark national strategies therefore exists within hydrogen for transport and cities, such as Copenhagen, have a 2015 goal of 85% of their internal vehicle fleet to be hydrogen or electric powered. Also in Norway a strategy for hydrogen infrastructure roll-out onwards 2050 has been formulated. Efforts are ongoing to ensure similar efforts across the entire Scandinavia, to help plan and guide the future hydrogen station and vehicle roll out.

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