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eMoVe – Electromobility in Aachen

Published on: February 24, 2013

The Aachen region is part of the model region Electromobility Rhein-Ruhr, funded by the federal government, with the project eMoVe, led by the RWTH Aachen Institute of Urban Planning and Transport. The project aims at creating framework conditions for electromobility in the region. By 2015, 450 vehicles from 11 projects will be implemented in Germany’s largest metropolitan regions. Another 400 charging stations will be installed.

The project costs amount to 2 million euro with a contribution of 1.4 million euro from the federal government. During the project, business models and processes will be developed and tested, while further electric vehicles will be integrated into vehicle fleets and electromobility stations will be set up.

Project partners include the RWTH Aachen Institute of Urban Planning and Transport, the City of Aachen, ASEAG, AVV, the car-sharing service cambio Aachen, EcoLibro mobility consulting, Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Probst & Consorten marketing consulting, and STAWAG.

The Electromobility Rhein-Ruhr model region has been funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building, and Urban Development, BMVBS for short, within the framework of the federal program Electromobility in Model Regions, since 2009. NOW GmbH Nationale Organisation Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology coordinates the electromobility model regions.

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Reference: RWTH Aachen University

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