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EU Parliament votes on noise level of motor vehicles

Published on: February 6, 2013

Today, the European Parliament agreed to further tightening noise limits for cars and adding sound to hybrid and electric vehicles to alert pedestrians. In an effort to protect public health, European Parliamentarians voted today (6 February 2013) under a draft law and recommended introducing labels to inform consumers about new cars’ noise levels . The draft legislation points to a number of standards that must first be developed for such “Acoustic Vehicle Alerting Systems (AVAS)”.

“The harmful impact of traffic noise has been scientifically proved but the legislative proposal is entirely focused on the noise generated by the vehicle engine. My idea was more comprehensive from the beginning, we need to address other factors such as road tar quality, aerodynamics and tyres”, said rapporteur Miroslav Ouzký (ECR, CZ), after the draft legislation was adopted with 401 votes in favour, 228 against and 20 abstentions. He will now negotiate an agreement with EU countries.

The draft legislation proposes to phase in new limits six and eight years after the new rules come into force. The first phase would apply to new vehicle models, the second to all new vehicles entering into service.

The limit for standard cars would be reduced to 68 db from 74 db currently. More powerful vehicles would be allowed a margin of 2 to 6 extra decibels.

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