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Dutch manufacturer develops sustainable 700-bar filling technique for future hydrogen cars
The automotive industry definitely sees a future in hydrogen as a promising alternative fuel. A few manufacturers such as Toyota and Hyundai have introduced their first ‘hydrogen cars’. Up till now only a few trucks, delivery vans, buses and passenger cars in the Netherlands have been powered by hydrogen, but use of the fuel is […] more »
Open charge Map created.
Incorrect data on public charging databases often means drivers turn up at a location to find that the charging station they thought was easily accessible is anything but! Most Internet-based directories and databases (even Nissan’s own Carwingssystem) doesn’t accurately report the difference between publicly-accessible, private, and restricted access charging stations. Worse still, each and every website […] more »
Global EV outlook: Understanding the electric vehicle landscape to 2020

The Global EV Outlook represents the collective efforts of two years of primary data gathering and analysis from the Electric Vehicles Initiative (EVI) and IEA. The report presents primary data from member governments on EV and related infrastructure deployment goals; policies, programmes, and incentives; deployment progress; and investment in research, development, and demonstration; all of which informs an analysis of global market trends and progress in electric vehicle deployment and the implications for technology and policy. more »
UK government set to accelerate EV market uptake
The UK government has announced that it will cover up to 75% of the cost of installing charging points for electric vehicles in garages and driveways. Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin said ministers were committed to ensuring that the UK was a “world leader in the electric car industry”. £11 million (€12,7 million) will be allocated […] more »
The top 16 electric car cities in the world!
With electric vehicles (EVs) becoming increasingly popular, there’s a rising global movement committed to making existing electric cars a reality of today. The International Energy Agency (IEA) conducted a recent study, which shows that only 16 regions  and cities in the world account for one-third of all the electric vehicles (EVs) in use to date. The most successful EV […] more »