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Rotterdam at Hannover

HyER had the opportunity to talk to HyER member Rotterdam – Broer Duursma from the City of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is a very active HyER member, leading the European Electromobility Observatory, particpating in FREVUE more
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North-Rhine Westphalia at the Hannover fair

Today is the last day of the fair, so the last opportunity to pass by the stand of the Energy agency of North Rhine Westphalia, HyER founding member and currently holding HyER’s presidency (Dr. Ziolek).

At the stand of NRW fuel cells and hydrogen network, I was welcomed by Stefan Garche and asked him a few questions. more
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Farewell Hannover

What a week! It was the first time either my colleague Sabrine or I have experienced the Hannover Messe, and all we can say is that we didn’t even experience one tenth of it! Even keeping to the hydrogen fuel cell and batteries joint exhibition and MobiliTec exhbition in just one hall proved to be an exhausting – if interesting, educating and fruitful – experience.

We were happy to meet many HyER members at Hannover – some of whome had very impressive stands! – and many of HyER’s partners as well, whether from the private sector (AirLiquide, Woikoski Oy…), other associations (of course collagues from the European Hydrogen Association, the Spanish Hydrogen Association, HySafe…) and of course from the European instiutions (not least the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking). more
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CHIC – Where do we stand 3 years after the project’s start?

Today, Dr. Philipp Krueger from hySOLUTIONS presented the Clean Hydrogen in European Cities project during the technical forum in Hall 27.

You are all probably already familiar with CHIC, the largest demonstration project of fuel buses in Europe, with an overall budget of 80 million Euro and a funding by the FCH-JU of 26 million euro. The project started end of 2010 and will end in 2016. Today, some 52 fuel cell buses are operating on European streets. more
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Live: electromobility in Barcelona

Live (Logistics for the Implementation of the Electric Vehicle) is a public-private platform that has been set up with the aim of providing support and promoting the development of electric mobility in Barcelona as an opportunity to situate the city as a centre of innovation in electric mobility on a world-wide scale.

Barcelona introduced themselves to HyER at the recent HyER board meeting in March 2014 in Berlin, and are also participating at the Hannover Messe 2014 in the Metropolitan Solutions booth. more
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Lower Saxony salutes HyER presence at Hannover fair – see interview

Dr. Isabell Schwenkert (IS) from the Lower Saxony initative for energy storage and systems, and Mr Harry Evers (HE) from the Lower Saxony initiative for transport and mobility kindly accepted to answer  a few questions on the HyER booth.

HyER: What do you think about the Hannover fair 2014? more

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Hydrogen fleet in London and Copenhagen: it is the future…no!…it is already there!

This was the last word of  Ms Skiker from HyER, concluding her presentation of the HyTEC project this morning.  This project, co-funded by the FCH-JU, is deploying hydrogen taxis and fuel cell electric cars in London and Copenhagen, along with the relevant refuelling  infrastructure.

What is the project status today? more

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High time! Hydrogen and fuel cells in Europe’s energy and transport systems!

Ms Reijalt executive director of the European Hydrogen Association and coordinator of the EU-office of HyER presented at the occasion of the public forum.

She stressed the need for more comprehensive policy support. “We are getting impatient!” and praised the increasing work done at national and regional level in Europe to support the uptake of hydrogen technology. She gave the example of the recent European Hydrogen Energy Conference in Seville last March, which brought together some 300 participants from across Europe. more

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ene.field: efficient heating system presented in Hannover

The project ene.field has been presented today at the technical forum in Hall 27 at the Hannover fait. Ene.field is the largest European demonstration project on micro combined heat and power in private houses, bringing together eight leading manufacturers, utilities, leading research institutes along with communication entitites. The project started in 2012 and will end in 2017; the heating systems  will be demonstrated during some  2 to 3 years. The first units were installed last year in Germany  (see here) – some 10-20 have been installed up to now.

The European Union is setting a supporting framework for the uptake of efficient heating solutions, with European regulations in force such as the energy efficiency directive and the energy performance of buildings directive. more

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Fuel cell buses: it all started in California…

So started the presentation of Paul Jenne from Van Hool, coordinator of the EU funded fuel cell bus project High V.LO-City.

So Mr Jenne: “I all started in California in 2005, we were asked to provide zero emission fuel cell buses. At that time, I had never heard of a fuel cell”.  Well, the least we can say is that the situation has changed tremendously as Van Hool is now one of the global leaders in the fuel cell bus market. And as Mr Jenne went on, today we are not talking about showcasing an abstract technology, but about fuel cell buses that are  a reality, part of the daily lives of European citizens. As part of the High V.LO-City project, 14 fuel cell buses are being deployed in San Remo (Italy), Aberdeen (Scotland) and Antwerp (Belgium). Fuel cell buses Centres of excellence are also being set up in the three cities. There, people will be able to find relevant information on the hydrogen technology and the use of hydrogen in public transport. more

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