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Press release- EU agrees on safer, cleaner lorries – but by 2022 

The 28 EU governments and the European Parliament last night reached a deal to end brick-shaped lorries, which are inefficient and very dangerous for cyclists and pedestrians. The agreed law gives manufacturers the ability to produce more streamlined, safer and fuel-efficient lorries but, amid heavy lobbying by industry, sets a delay until 2022 [1] before redesigned lorry cabs are allowed on Europe’s roads. Member State representatives still need to formally approve the deal this Friday in COREPER.

Current rules on weights and dimensions of lorries restrict cab length to 2.35m, which explains why European lorries have such box-shaped cabins. The agreed design changes would allow lorry makers to create a slightly longer and more streamlined nose, which would improve pedestrian protection, crash performance and could increase the driver’s field of view by 50%. more
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The big EV three in round table at EEVC December 2, Brussels

Representatives from the three EU funded projects who make up the EU Electromobility Forum, FREVUE, Green eMotion and ZeEUS, will participate in a round table discussion from 13:30 – 14:00 on December 2nd. The round table will be part of the upcoming European Electric Vehicle Congress which will take place at the Diamant Conference Centre in Brussels from December 2nd – 5th. For more information on the event and the programme please see:

The next EU Electromobility Forum will take place on February 25th & 26th, 2015. The programme for this event will be released shortly. more
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Aiming HyER: how to get H2, FC and electromobility in EC’s 3 year € 315 bln Hub!

The new EU Commission filled one of its  promises yesterday in launching a € 315 bln investment plan to kick start investments in energy transport and ICT infrastructure of which alternative fuel-infrastructure along major roads is mentioned (tick!), environmentally sustainable projects 9tick!) and innovation research and development (tick!). A partnership of the EC and the European Investment Bank (EIB) will be set up to mobilize investment primarily in strategic infrastructure, SMEs and middle capitalisation companies catalysing private sector investment. A Task Force has been set up by the EC and EIB together with the Member States, to look into potential barriers to investments and screen potential projects. Based on the first report of the Task Force, which is expected shortly, the work should be stepped up at EU level to identify and activate key investment projects, as well as inform investors of projects’ progress on a regular basis. Last but not least an investment advisory ‘Hub’ will integrate all investment advisory services and direct all questions regarding technical assistance of project promoters, investors and public managing authorities to one portal. As the EHA and others have been lobbying for, the objective is to strengthen and accelerate investment by providing comprehensive and swift advice to prepare quality projects and investments and  to enhance the effective use and potential leverage of European Structural and Investment Funds (ESIF), the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), Horizon 2020 and other EU funds, in particular through reinforced and flexible use of financial instruments in response to market needs,as well as  to improve access to other sources of public and private finance. As only €16 bln of the EU budget will be used as risk financing comments in Brussels were mixed on the feasibility of achieving the 315 bln figure in 2017. more
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HyER presents at Scottish H2 Mobile refueller workshop

The Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association, one of the largest hydrogen associations in Europe, hosted a workshop on the role of H2 mobile refuelling stations in the build up of a hydrogen infrastructure in Europe. Mobile hydrogen refuellers have been used in FCEV demp projects to cover hydrogen supply when authorisation procedures for permanent stations required more time and vehicles needed to be put in operation to ensure sufficiënt data collection.

The workshop explored the opportunities for affordable & agile H2 refuellers for transport vehicles, and consider the following:
• Can affordable ‘mobile H2 fuellers’ support strategic projects in the early years before 2020?
• Could this approach help create local ‘clusters’ of hydrogen vehicles & accelerate H2 vehicle uptake?
• Could this approach help to reduce infrastructure costs before the market is self-sustaining?
• Is there a viable UK market opportunity for ‘mobile’ refuellers, and are there Europe markets?
• How can we quantify the business opportunities and if viable take this approach forward? more
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Enfarm, enefield, eneware!

At a seminar organized by the Fuel Cell Expertise Network on November 20, 2014 ,  Fiona Riddoch of Cogen Europe and coordinator of the enefield project presented the enefield update. The enefield program follows the German Callux program that is now reaching 500 installations, with an objective of aroudn 1000 installation of 8-10 indentical micro fuel cell systems. A 100 enefield installations have now been achieved and the project has seen significant improvements in supply chain efficiency and installer training.

The enefarm project, presented by Tokyo Gas that represents 35% of the Japanese gas market in Japan,  is subsidizing the introduction of cost competitive 1kW fuel cell systems and will cross the  100.000 system bar this year. The Japanese government fuel cell commercialisation initiative,  that was announced in 1999 as part of the Millennium project and resulted in the announcement of 2002 by former Prime minister Koizumi of Japan’s FC ambition. In 2005 a FC support  program was launched of which  the 1 kW enefarmprogram became part in 2009. The enefarm program has seen  a steady growth: 2009: 2550 ,  2011: 9281,  2012: 18241, 2013: 34281 , 2014: 28440  Tokyo Gas has 40% of FC market. During 2012 – 2014,   2.224 SOFC, and 34.213 PEMFC were installed  of which  LPG powered numbered 6.000 and LNG powered 30.000. 22.000 were installed in newly built residences  and 14.000 in  existing stock.  Japan supports 0.38 mm Yen (€ 2600 ) in 2014 per unit , and 0.25 mm Yen in 2015; In 2009 subsidy levels were at 1.4 mln Yen. Retail price for these system is €11.000. (Phote an “enefarm” FC production line) more
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New EU Energy Union Policy: big, bold but beautiful?

Maroš Šefčovič, EU Commissioner of the Energy Union, at an High Level Energy Policy Conference co-organized by the EU Commission and the main Gas and Renewable Industry associations that the EHA attended on November 17, 2014, indicated that EU’s ambition with regards to jointly address security of supply, renewable energy and 80% CO2 emission reduction by 2050 has now been endorsed by EU top political leaders and  he called on all EU institutions to support  the development of an comprehensive European Union based on a solid internal market. Although many referneces were made to the impact of more renewable energy, little reference was made to the need for balancing local grids and the impact of the electrification of transport .

EU Parliament Industry Committee chair Jerzy Buzek pointed to the need to shape EU energy policy to facilitate industrialisation to boost competitiveness at international level. He also mentioned that the Lisbon Treaty mentioned solidarity in energy policy that has been facilitated by a stronger internal energy market, but will need to have the backing of all new EU commissioners. more

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ELEVTRA – Electric Vehicles Training – Final Seminar, 4 Dec

You are invited to ELEVTRA final seminar: Capacity is limited to 100 participants and spaces are filling up quickly. Please be sure to reserve your spot by registering today.

The Fundación Metal Asturias, Integrovaná střední škola automobilní (ISSA) Brno, Šolski center Velenje, shecco SPRL, Universidad de Oviedo and Hochschule Bochum are pleased to invite you to attend: more

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Germany introducing 50% tax rebate for EV’s as of 2015

The German government disclosed  preliminary details for Germany’s new National Action Plan on Energy Efficiency (NAPE) have been revealed including a tendering process for energy efficiency targets and of 50% tax rebates on the value of electric car within the year of purchase. Germany ambition is to have one million e-cars on German streets by the year 2020.

“By introducing the competitive tendering model for energy efficiency measures, we hope to provide targeted support for projects with the highest energy savings and the lowest financial burden,” the document reads. The program consists of promoting building renovation, with €1 billion by 2019. The Institute for Ecological Economic Research (IÖW) and the energy consultancy Ecofys recently found that the insulation of outer walls and roofs or renovation of heating systems created around €14 billion in added value and approximately 278,000 quality jobs in the year 2011. more

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European fuel cell bus makers agree on commercial rollout

At the 7th Stakeholder Forum of the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking on November 12, the five major bus manufacturers, Evobus, MAN, Solaris, Van Hool and VDL signed a Letter of Understanding on commercial development of fuel cell hybride buses.

Olaf Scholz, mayor of Hamburg commented that the ball is now in the car manufacturers hands, as cities like Hamburg are ready to support various fuel cell applications.  Hamburg’s public entities  for example are required to use electric vehicles whenever possible and already 300 EV are used by public offices. The City of Hamburg intends to expand the use of fuel cell electric vehicles in the coming years as they are more flexible than battery electric .  Also maritime and aerospace applications are being tested in Hamburg: stationary applications for ships need still international regulatory support. FC  APU applications in aircraft are also promising. more

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HyER Annual General Meeting 2014

Meet the new HyER Board at the HyER Extraordinary Annual General Meeting!

Date: December 17, 2014 more

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