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Global EV Outlook from the IEA
On April 17, 2013, EVI launched the Global EV Outlook at the 4th Clean Energy Ministerial in New Delhi, India, further strengthening the interaction between governments and relevant electric vehicle stakeholders. The report represents the collective effort of two years of primary data gathering and analysis from the Electric Vehicles Initiative’s 15 member governments and the IEA. […] more »
eMoVe – Electromobility in Aachen
The Aachen region is part of the model region Electromobility Rhein-Ruhr, funded by the federal government, with the project eMoVe, led by the RWTH Aachen Institute of Urban Planning and Transport. The project aims at creating framework conditions for electromobility in the region. By 2015, 450 vehicles from 11 projects will be implemented in Germany’s […] more »
Chinese electric cabs to be tested in London
Chinese car manufacturer BYD Co is sending 50 electric cabs to London to encourage China’s automakers of all-electric vehicles. BYD and London cab company Green Tomato Cars said last month that they would start a trial using 50 electric vehicles in late 2013. Read the full article here. more »
80 fuel cell scooters hit the road in Taiwan
On 9 November 2012, Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies (APFCT) held a public ride&drive of its fuel cell scooters in Pingtung County, Taiwan. The scooters have been approved for use by the Taiwanese government (fuel cell motorbike standard) in July. Twenty of the scooters will be kept in Pingtung county for official business, and the rest will […] more »
Estonia launches first electric taxi
In June 2012, the first electric taxi started operating in Tartu (Estonia), the second biggest town in Estonia. A nation-wide project aims to build the infrastructure for electric cars and make Estonia one of the leading countries in electro-mobility in Europe. Read more here. more »
Merkel: Electromobility Breakthrough still possible
Speaking at a the Electromobility Summit  in Berlin on Monday night, (01 October)German Chancellor Angela Merkel acknowledged that Germany had much work ahead of them in order to reach the target of having one million electric cars on German roads by 2020. During a high level meeting with scientists and representatives from industry Merkel stated […] more »
Scottish largest EV program demonstrates significant cost advantages
Scottish largest EV program after one year of operation clocked: 18,000 miles with five EV’s without a breakdown; cost of charging of around £630 (€785) over a year, compared to £3,000 (€3,737) to fill similar cars with conventional fossil fuels. In addition, according to the findings an EV would reach a break-even point with a […] more »
ELYGRID Project Launch New Website
ELYGRID Project exhibits its website,, which is conceived as a tool to provide general information of the project, involve partners and develop main objectives. more »