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Hungary puts electric pedal to the metal
On March 11 the Hungarian Minister for National Economy Mihály Varga was the first passenger to try out the Hungarian Modulo Electric bus of evopro, a  new innovative Hungarian electric bus builder. The Minister referred to the estimates of the International Energy Agency, 70 percent of new cars sold world-wide by 2050 will be electric, […] more »
EV Date: EV joint stakeholder forum Feb 26-27, Brussels
Date: 26 Feb - 27 Feb, 2015
The third  European Electro-mobility Stakeholder Forum, jointly organised by the leading EU co-funded EV demonstrator projects, FREVUE, ZeEUS and Green eMotion  on February 25-26, 2015 in Brussels will bring together leading experts and stakeholders in the field of electro-mobility from across Europe. Through a diverse and comprehensive programme looking at the operational and technical implementation of EV passenger vehicles, EV […] more »
The FABRIC project requests your views on electric vehicle on-road charging
The 4-year EU-supported FABRIC project – “Feasibility analysis and development of on-road charging solutions for future electric vehicles” – started in January 2014 and will research and demonstrate wireless on-road electric charging for moving vehicles (dynamic on-road charging) and stopped vehicles (static/stationary on-road charging). These technologies have the potential to greatly increase the take-up of […] more »
EEO, a tool and service – exclusive HyER member webinar
Date: 6 May, 2014
HyER is pleased to invite HyER members to a webinar on the European Electromobility Observatory, to take place on 2Tuesday 6 May at 13.30 CEST. The European Electromobility Observatory (EEO), set up in December 2012 by the European Commission aims at monitoring all major EV (hydrogen fuel cell and EV) developments in Europe to facilitate […] more »
Electromobility – from pilots to mainstream market
HyER and the EEO participated at the “Electromobility – from pilots to mainstream market” event, organised by HyER’s neighbours in the House of Cities, Municipalities and Regions, the Estonian Liaison Office for EU RTD. The aim of the event was to discuss future developments in European electromobility, in the context with the ongoing negotiations of […] more »
EEO first year anniversary
The European Electro-mobility Observatory (EEO) celebrated its first year anniversary at its secretariat in Brussels in the presence of regional and city representatives, transport association representatives, communication experts from clean energy and clean mobility organisations, and the board of the European Hyrdogen Association. Marieke Reijalt, HyER office coordinator, welcomed everybody to the EEO secretariat, before […] more »
Leonardo DiCaprio forms racing team to help speed up electric car sales
According to the BBC, Lenoardo DiCaprio, the Hollywodd actor who is also environmentally active, has entered the new electric motor racing championship Formula E, which starts in 2014. The actor said: “The future of our planet depends on our ability to embrace fuel-efficient, clean-energy vehicles.” more »
EEO at Plugging the Sustainability Gap: Boosting the European Electric Vehicle Market
Date: 29 October, 2013
The European Electro-mobility Observatory will be presented at the “Plugging the Sustainability Gap: Boosting the European Electric Vehicle Market” event, organised by Public Policy Exchange. For full details, click here. more »
Launch of a national study on hydrogen mobility in France
(French version follows)   In the context of growing urbanisation, electric hydrogen vehicles, for personal, utility or for public use, represent an attractive and durable solution that allows a drastic reduction of CO2 and pollutant particle emissions, and significantly lowers noise from the transport sector. Regional, national and international, private and public stakeholders were brought […] more »
The European Electro-mobility Observatory EEO Survey

In December 2012 the European Commission launched the European Electro-mobility Observatory (EEO). The EEO aims to become the reference point for providing insight in the development of electro-mobility in Europe, for national, regional and local policy makers and related public and private stakeholders. As indicated in the recent EU Clean Power for Transport Communication (COM 2013/17) the European Commission will use the EEO to facilitate information exchange and coordinated regional action across the EU on electric vehicle deployment and necessary recharging and refueling infrastructure. The first EEO survey was launched on 30 April 2013, inviting stakeholders to contribute with their input. The EEO team very much appreciates your contribution, or of the right person in your organisation or project,  to this short survey (, only 5 minutes to compile!) at your earliest convenience but before May 31, 2013. more »
New electric car secretariat in Capital Region Denmark

The Capital Region has adopted a serious clean car vision for electric and fossil free public car park in 2025 with the title “Electric Hup Denmark”. In the vision there are already measurable success criteria for 2015 such as 25% of public car park should be either electric cars or cars running on fossil free energy, establishment of a public-private-partnership on the roll out of infrastructure build up. Therefore, the Capital Region in 2013 budget forecast allocated 12 million dollars to establish one-stop electric vehicles in the metropolitan region. more »
Vice President of the European Commission tweets EV Observatory
Today (1 February, 2013) Vice President of the European Commission and responsible for Mobility and Transport in Europe tweets ”European Electromobility Observatory launched – point of reference for clean transport policy” more »