Tyres for electric cars – making the right and best decision

The tyres of a motor vehicle play an important role. This applies not only to cars with combustion engines, but also, by analogy, to electric cars. The trend is towards zero-emission driving, and there are things to know about tyres.

However, there are some differences between tyres that need to be taken into account when fitting a cheap, efficient and safe car tyre. Since an electric car is structurally different from a combustion car, the factors “economy” and “energy consumption” also play a role.

What are the key points of tyres for electric cars?

The focus is naturally on making optimum use of the battery charge, and the dead weight of an electric car is higher than that of the same combustion model. For this reason, special tyres are manufactured separately for electric cars, with a special rubber compound. The nature of the tread and therefore the grip has also been adapted to the braking distance, which is longer due to the weight.

This type of low rolling resistance tyre is characterised by a large diameter and a fairly narrow tread. To some uninitiated people, this look seems rather unusual, but it does make sense. Specially designed studies indicate that this equipment optimises range. Rolling resistance and even air resistance are taken into account to “gain” kilometres.

The situation is slightly different for powerful vehicles. In this case, a larger tyre size is needed to transmit the power to the road. In addition, at high speeds, safety plays an important role. Optimal use of the range is therefore rather neglected for sporty vehicles.

“Drivers of electric cars should buy special tyres that support the performance of electric cars” – Spokesman Autoreifen-Billiger.com

An electric car is usually characterised by a strong torque, which puts more strain on the tread and tyres, especially in start-up mode. The material composition of the tyre must therefore prevent increased wear.

In the meantime, attention is also being paid to the rolling noise of these car tyres. The rolling noise of this type of vehicle is much lower than that of diesel or petrol engines. New technologies make it possible to eliminate the unpleasant noises that the tyre would otherwise emit.

What should be considered?

For a car tyre, the load index plays a “supporting” role. Take into account the load index in relation to the weight of the vehicle. As a rule, you will be able to find this out if you ask a specialist for advice.

You can also use expert reports and evaluations to find the most suitable and energy-efficient tyre for your needs.

For a comfortable drive, it is advisable to choose tyres with the lowest possible dB(A) level for your electric car. You can also benefit from this on coarse-grained asphalt and uneven road surfaces.

What is important for the maintenance of tyres on an electric car?

In addition to the wear and tear caused by high mileage, proper maintenance ensures a long service life.

As with other tyres, the pressure should be checked at regular intervals and, if necessary, the tyre should be re-inflated correctly. A prolonged lack of air leads to a higher rolling resistance and the car tyre is also “rolled”, which can damage the tissue. In principle, the tread should rest over its entire width on the road surface.

In any case, some electric cars are equipped with a special sensor in the valve, which signals a possible loss of pressure in time.

Correct values when measuring the axle will also help the service life. If you take your electric car in for an annual check-up or service, you should take advantage of this.

Of course, you should avoid any sudden contact with a pavement and avoid potholes or large blocks of ice. If such an event should occur, it is advisable to call in a specialist or a garage as soon as possible. This will prevent any consequential damage to the car’s chassis or tyres. Depending on the damage to the rim, a rebalancing can restore order.

If you take into account the given parameters and the recommended guidelines for tyres for electric cars, you can expect a long service life and thus a longer driving pleasure.